Sara Copeland Interiors

When interior design works, a house becomes an individual and imaginative home, an extension of the taste and personality of the people who live in it and an office becomes a logical creative space which people want to work in.

For twenty years, Sara Copeland Interiors, has successfully provided a full range of professional interior design services for both residential and commercial properties with Sara’s signature individuality in style.



Whether it is a hand-painted traditional style or a minimalist look, a well designed kitchen is the perfect heart of any home.

Sara Copeland Interiors

Living Rooms

A living room can be a cosy, relaxing den or a sophisticated entertaining space but a clever scheme will provide both.

Sara Copeland Interiors


The bedroom is an intimate space. When the sumptuous heavy drapes or funky roman blinds are drawn a personal sanctuary is created.

Our experience with Sara Copeland Interiors and her team has been a true pleasure! The level of professional service and attention to detail consistently provided on our project has been beyond our expectations. Sara has been able to visualise our goals and expand our horizons to ensure a unique, personal and yet timeless aesthetic that gives us pleasure each and everyday. She comes with our highest recommendations.

JC, Harpsden Woods