Sara Copeland Interiors

When interior design works, a house becomes an individual and imaginative home, an extension of the taste and personality of the people who live in it and an office becomes a logical creative space which people want to work in.

For twenty years, Sara Copeland Interiors, has successfully provided a full range of professional interior design services for both residential and commercial properties with Sara’s signature individuality in style.



Whether it is a hand-painted traditional style or a minimalist look, a well designed kitchen is the perfect heart of any home.

Sara Copeland Interiors

Living Rooms

A living room can be a cosy, relaxing den or a sophisticated entertaining space but a clever scheme will provide both.

Sara Copeland Interiors


The bedroom is an intimate space. When the sumptuous heavy drapes or funky roman blinds are drawn a personal sanctuary is created.

Sara was a lifesaver for me! Developing a house and having a full time job 45 miles away do not go hand in hand and without sara’s help I couldn’t have done it. She was brilliant.

My brief was contemporary. She gave me two or three choices per room. I gave her a scrapbook of cuttings from magazines of things I liked and she filled the house with beautiful design, colours and gave it the wow factor we all love!

Great job Sara, thank you!

HL, Henley-on-Thames