About Sara Copeland

Established sixteen years ago, Sara Copeland Interiors offers the full range of interior design services for both residential and commercial properties.


A blank canvas

As a trained interior designer, Sara’s passion for colour and design started at college where she studied Fine Art & Design.

“I see a house as a blank canvas, by slowly building on the shape, colour, texture and light, you can help people create an individual design and space, a home that they can enjoy looking at and living in for years to come.”

Not just cosmetic

Changing the interior of a house should not be seen as a cosmetic exercise, it can affect the way you move around your home, how you use your space and ultimately the way you live your life.

Sara applies the same principles to her commercial work.

Enlivened work spaces

“People spend so much time in their offices these days, and with mobile devices they bring their offices home. The division between corporate and residential space has blurred slightly. It is important that offices are an enlivened environment – functional and practical but stimulating and if called for it, relaxing too.”

Individual and bespoke

Sara attends all the design shows and keeps up to date with the latest collections and trends.

“I love sourcing new lines and fabrics, but interiors like fashion are constantly changing and there is never one size fits all.”

Sara’s mission is to transform clients’ houses or apartments into homes with as much individuality as the people who live in them by encouraging people to explore and possibly try something new.

“I have my own individual style and preferred brands but I am careful not to let this influence me when looking for the right thing. Each new brief is approached as a journey to discover what the client wants and how I can deliver that in a way that will work for them.”


A lot of people find making changes to their home a little intimidating. So, whether it is a large renovation project or a small one-room makeover, Sara works in close collaboration with her clients.

“To leave someone’s home or office and know that they are going to love it more, because of what you have achieved together, gives me a real buzz.”


Although delighted by the growth of her company in both popularity and geographical reach, seen most recently through the launch of her online shop, Sara is proud of the fact that her brand has been built on strong relationships with clients and suppliers often based on recommendations and word-of-mouth.

Born in London, Sara now lives and bases her business in Henley-on-Thames, but her work takes her all over London and the south-east.